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Matt Levine

CTO, CacheFly

Matt Levine has been a entrepreneur, leader and innovator for more than 15 years, and is the founder and CTO of CacheFly. Having pioneered the first TCP anycast CDN, Levine has still continues to evangelize the technology, now implemented by some of the largest internet companies in the world. Levine has presented at various conferences, sharing best practices in accelerating content delivery to effectively serve the needs of organizations that use it as a key business driver. Matt’s most notable speaking engagements have come in the form of presentations and panel discussions at NANOG, Hosting Transformation Summit, Velocity, Global Peering Forum and New Media Expo.


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Phil Doroff

Director of DeveOps, ServerCentral

Phil doesn’t want to write his own bio, so Marketing will make one up for him. When he’s not working on cloud and automation stuff at ServerCentral, he’s either participating in a heated debate on reddit or still working on cloud and automation stuff at ServerCentral. Phil is also the world’s top ambassador for Coppertone.


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