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Eric Dominguez

Director of Technology, ServerCentral

Eric has done pretty much every job possible inside a datacenter. Now he brings his insight, experience, and unbridled enthusiasm for technology to what critic’s have called ‘a halfway decent podcast’.

Joe Johnson

Director of IT and Compliance Officer, ServerCentral

Joe is the master of all things compliance for ServerCentral and CacheFly. He keeps the lights running in IT at ServerCentral so their people can focus on customers and not our their own system up-time. Outside of work he’s an avid consumer of single- and blended-malt whiskey, smoker of fine cigars, and owns his own venture start-up advisory firm focused on entrepreneurs in the Chicago area.

About Our Podcast

We love technology, like a lot. A whole lot. Almost eight solar masses, a lot. It shows in our careers, in our lives, and in the expertise people have come to expect from our experiences..

Because of that we want to give back, to help our friends, customers, and the internet community with their technology needs. We like to give back, the web has given us so much and this is how we help. We’re uniquely poised to act as a trusted technology adviser for your needs!

How Are We Doing?

We’re a team of dedicated Podcasters who work hard to provide you great episodes on a bi-weekly basis. We’re always looking for ideas for shows, guest stars, and feedback on our episodes.